Friday, April 25, 2008

Banany Hands

Ellie protesting that she couldn't get up from lunch until she got wiped off: My hands are too banany!

We were all trying to remember songs/rhymes we used to sing with the kids when they were little. We asked the kids which ones they remembered:
Ellie: Jack.
Carla: Jack who?
E: Jack and the bean stop.
C: What did Jack do with the 'bean stop'?
E: Jumped over the candlestick.

Carla and the kids were driving to the Leopards game the other day and Ellie noticed a green Tahoe in front of them.
Ellie: Hey, Krystal has that . . . that . . . driving fing.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Growing and Growing and Growing

Kurt has been insanely busy with work projects, school projects, and home projects, so I guess it's my turn to post.

The boys had their check-ups last week. Walker is in the 75th percentile for height and weight. Anderson is 90th for height (25.25 inches) and 75th for weight (15 lbs. 9 oz.) Both are very healthy, which is a true blessing! Ellie didn't have a check up, but she's still short.

Walker waiting for me to fix his lunch on Sat:

W: (exasperated) Mom?
C: What?
W: When is it going to be May 3rd?
C: (puzzled) In a few weeks. Why do you want to know that?
W: Cuz I just really want to see what Jack looks like.

We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new and first nephew/cousin!

Another conversation with Walker (after I got home from school).

W: Mommy, I love you! (He came and gave me a hug)
C: (smiling b/c those are the best words to hear after along day of work) I love you, too, Buddy.
W: But I love Daddy more!
C: (still smiling) That's okay, Walker. You can love Daddy more.
W: But I love you more at bedtime because your jammies are the snuggliest!

That's all for now. I'm off to pick up 28 kids from lunch!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pureed Cauliflower, anyone?

The next foods Walker wants Anderson to try after carrots: Asparagus and Cauliflower.

Walker brought home his preschool class picture yesterday and I asked him all about it.
Kurt: So, who do you like to play with the most?
Walker: Just the girls except Emma.
Kurt: What's wrong with Emma?
Walker: She just freaks me out.
Kurt (after some laughter): Why does she freak you out?
Walker: She has a crazy face.

In other news, Anderson can fit his entire fist in his mouth. He also tries to eat his pacifier and can almost get that whole thing in his mouth, too. I had a dream the other night that he swallowed his pacifier. He was ok, though, he had a bunch more.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Prayers and Paintings

Every night, we ask the kids to think of something they did that day that they want to thank Jesus for and to think of someone they want to pray for. Walker usually picks Grandma Kandel: "Please help Grandma Kandel's back feel better." Ellie always, every time, picks . . . Brad: "Please help Brad get home safe" or "Thank you for Brad coming home." Seems a little strange but it's up to them who to pick, I guess.

Yesterday, while Carla was driving the kids to the babysitters (I think it was a Jen/Krystal divide and conquer effort):
Ellie: Hey, mommy, look at my painting.
Carla: What are you painting?
Ellie: The window.
Carla: Um, what are you painting with?
Ellie: With my mouth and my finger.
Basically, she was slobbering all over her hands then "painting" the window with her fingers. She's got her molars coming in so we have to give her a pass on the slobbering and chewing on her fingers part but, still, gross.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Birthday Boy

Walker's four years old today. He's growing up fast and has really been acting twice his age (usually) for a while. Last night, Carla told him he could have anything he wanted for his birthday breakfast. He said, "Really? Even peanut butter and jelly?!" Yes, Walker, even peanut butter and jelly. Carla got her cookie cutters out and cut his pbj into letters that spelled his name. He was pretty excited about it.

We had his Ohio State themed birthday party on Saturday and he had lots of fun. We had beautiful weather so we all got to play outside, which was good because he got a new trampoline and a junior sized set of golf clubs, which he loves. He also got Guess Who, a hand-held V-Smile and some games, an inflatable person-sized hamster wheel, a map of America with all the quarters to go along with it (he already has quite a few states memorized, of course) and some other stuff I know I'm forgetting right now. He and Ellie played Guess Who on Sunday morning before we left for church. It was pretty funny, especially Ellie: "do you have glasses?" then she'd flip down people with glasses regardless of what walker's answer was. It doesn't matter, though. Neither one of them can read the names on the cards to guess who the other has. They still have fun with it, though.

We all watched the Prince of Egypt on Saturday night. There's chariot racing in the beginning, which Carla missed. When she came back in, Walker said, "You missed it, mommy. There was horse racing with wheel chairs!"

Ellie was playing on our back porch and her shoes fell off so her socks were filthy. When she came inside I told her to take them off. She tried a couple times but her hands kept slipping off. She said, "Help, daddy. My socks are too smuddy." We're guessing she combined slippery and muddy. She also still says "bictycle, popsticle, and "Ife" (for knife). I think she heard us say we needed "a knife" and it sounded like "an Ife" to her.