Monday, July 4, 2011

Anderson's latest (plus a bonus interpretation guide)

Anderson:  Mommy, there's a spider on the wall.
Carla:  No, that's just a fly.
Anderson:  Oh, is it gonna put it's lights on?
Carla:  No, flies don't have lights.
Anderson: Well, what about that one that's shaped like a cucumber?
Carla:  I'm not sure what that is, Anderson.
Anderson:  It's a night bee.
It was a fire fly.

Walker, playing Wii baseball:  Dad, I just got a grand slam!
Anderson:  And he got a home run, too!  I heard about that!

Anderson, riding in the car with Carla, put a green beaded necklace across his lap.
Anderson:  I put my safety on.  It's green?
Carla, not looking:  What?
Anderson:  I interviewed it on my list.
Carla:  What?
Anderson:  I X'd it up.
We still don't know exactly what he meant, especially about the interview.

Bonus Section:  Interpretation guide

If Anderson tells you that you look skinny he really means that you have too much skin showing somewhere on your body.

For example, If you were walking around the house in your underwear, he might say, "Mom you look skinny" because you have too much leg skin showing. 
If you just shaved, he might come up to you, grab your face, rub it, and say, "Dad you look really skinny today."

So 2011, welcome to the new "skinny."