Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bubble Cheeks

Caroline's recap of Bob and Brittani's wedding reception:  Mom, at the weal wecetion, your face was like this (grimaces) and dad's face was like this (smiles) and you had a dress on and dad had a like a fancy shirt on then you were dancing with both hands and people were dancing like crazy and daddy loves you and he likes you and when the dance was over he gave you a big hug.

Caroline:  Mom, does God and Jesus have bubbles on their cheeks like Santa Claus?  You know, those things on their cheeks like when daddy uses his shaver?

Caroline, in the middle of the night after waking up with cold:  I have yucky slobber coming out my nose!

Caroline, after Anderson hit her:  Dad, Anderson hurt me.  He doesn't get Pwigewees!  (She was trying to say privileges).

Caroline, watching me replace the batteries in her camera:  My camera works after you scwoove it with your screwdriver.

Anderson, watching a commercial on TV:  Mom, Stompies come with a sixty day dollar back!

Also, Anderson was a dancing maniac at the wedding reception.  I knew he had energy but I didn't know he had that much!  If we ever get our hands on the video, we'll post it here or on Facebook.  Anderson, Ellie, and Walker all did a really nice job at the ceremony and the reception.  We partied 'till Ellie made a bed for herself out of some chairs and went to sleep, then Walker asked me to take him to the car so he could sleep there while we finished the reception.  Anderson was still dancing, though.  Bob and Brittani did pretty well too.