Thursday, November 26, 2009

Anderson's Big Turkey Birthday

Me: Anderson, you're a big two year old now!
Anderson: It's my big turkey birthday! Gobble Gobble!
What did he have for his birthday breakfast? Lellow keggs and tancakes, of course.
What did he get for presents? Trucks. Lots and lots of trucks. Also . . . Croup. He and Ellie both.

I was giving Caroline her pacifier and she was just sort of crying around it and Ellie said "you have to rub it in, Dad." Then she said, "You know," and wiggled her hand back and forth. It worked, wiggling it. I just would have never considered it "rubbing it in."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Headaches, clean up, and prayers

Monday night I came home from class with a migrane. Carla had no sympathy, though, 'cause she had one, too. We both sat/slept on the couch for nearly an hour while the kids did whatever kids do with no parental supervision. So here's what they did:
Walker made a bed for himself on the floor and fell asleep. Sweet, no problems there.
Ellie dumped out all her dress up clothes all over her room and walked on them like a path while singing a song that she made up as she went. You know, sort of 4-year-old-white-girl free style rapping. A little mess but no major problem.
Anderson, Anderson, Anderson. He came down the steps and woke me up by proudly announcing, "I washed the potty!" Uh-oh. I picked him up and realized that he was soaking wet, head to toe. It turns out that he cleaned the toilet with toilet paper and toilet water. Big mess there. Oh well, no blood or anything so I can't complain too much.

Anderson's been really talkative lately and really animated, too. His latest favorites are "Lellow Keggs" for breakfast and his "Lellow Tot" to suck on when he goes to bed. He also puts his arms out/back like a jet and yells "Zoom!" whenever he runs somewhere. He says prayers all by himself before he eats now, too: "Je-SUS! Hank you for. AMEN!" He also loves his little sister "Canowine" who, on her 1 month checkup weighs 10 lbs even. I think now we have a chubs and a chubette.

The other night I put Walker to bed and after prayers I said "Have good dreams, I love you." He said "Be careful going down the steps, I love you, too."