Saturday, October 20, 2012

Earring mittens

So just like Ellie, Caroline got her ears pierced for her 3rd birthday.  I'll let you decide who did better:

Yeah, we're pretty sure that was the same teddy bear so, gross.  Anyway, Caroline refused to cry but she was pretty offended that those girls would do that to her.  As one of the assaulters was putting on her latex gloves, Caroline looked at me and said, "Are those her earring mittens?"

Bs and Ps are still a little tough for her.  She still says "pecause" and she still calls her bath robe a rope.  The other day she also said that she doesn't like ketchup or "bustard".  She does, however, like to eat a "vitium" to stay healthy.

Ellie's starting to rub off on her, too, because she suddenly has a very keen fashion sense.  One night she said, "Dad, that jammy shirt is not a jammy shirt.  It's a clothes shirt."