Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Neck sleeve

Anderson, after I asked him to repeat himself a couple times:  Are your ears blind?

Caroline, after getting the collar of her shirt wet at the drinking fountain:  I got water on my neck sleeve!

Caroline, after watching Disney on Ice:  How did Okey Dokey-o's nose grow?

Caroline, handing me my drivers license:  Hey, here's your dad card.

Caroline, asking Carla if she could help clean:  Mommy, can I Windust?

Caroline, asking me about Santa's reindeer:  Daddy, which one's Comet and which one's Cancer?

Caroline, holding three oranges:  I can jungle these oranges.

Caroline, arguing that Barbie was the mom of the other 3 sisters on her Barbie Christmas movie:  Yeah, well, she's the mom-sister.

Caroline, explaining the stations of the cross:  Mans put Jesus on the cross so he could be dead.