Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's new with the Kandel kids

Ellie: She's a shopping diva! Somehow, she manages to go on a shopping trip every week, whether it's with one of her aunts, mommy, or grandma. She loves coloring and wants to be an artist when she grows up - specifically, a "painting artist." Her favorite food is juicy, pink steak! She certainly makes her daddy proud.

Funny Quote: On a recent shopping adventure with Aunt Lisa and Mommy she was intensely combing the clearance shoes aisles at Sears looking for size 11 shoes for next year. She had a few boxes picked out and was looking for more when she looked up with a serious face and said, "Don't worry, I really know what I'm doing!"

Caroline: She's a chubba-bubba. She now eats rice cereal, laughs out loud, and is the cutest baby ever! She nurses 5-6 times a day, sleeps through the night well (anywhere from 8-12 hours), takes 3 naps a day, has mastered falling alseep on her own without a pacifier, being rocked, etc. She is, by far, our most content baby, and she is a true joy to have! The older kids adore her and make her laugh and smile constantly.

Funny Quote: "Geeeee."

Anderson: Has a great imagination for a 2-year-old. He loves his GeoTrax trains, Thomas trains, Ellie's play kitchen, and his ride-on dump truck. The other day, he packed his McQueen and Mater lunch box and drove to work on his dump truck to fix rocks. Along the way, he got in a crash and had Mater tow him out.

Funny Quote: "I wanna play with my camoose!"

Walker: Nothing new, he's still a sports MANIAC! He is also turning into quite a good little reader! He's currently playing b-ball at the YMCA and is looking forward to baseball. If he's not watching sports, he's playing (or wishing to be playing) Wii. Somehow, he's also become insanely interested in Star Wars.

Funny Quote: "Hey dad, do you have any of that thin gingerale?" (At a wedding a few weeks ago, Kurt got some gingerale, but is was really flat. Walker tried it and really liked it b/c he said it tasted like iced tea!?)