Saturday, February 26, 2011


When Walker gets really hungry, he says, "But, mom, I'm foodhydrated!"  One day Ellie was really thirsty, so she, of course, said, "Mom, I'm drinkhydrated!"

Caroline figured out how to dump her milk out of her sippy cup by turning it upside down and bending the nub on her tray.  She's dumped out two full cups already.  I guess it's time to take those away.  Some new words of hers are Ouch (more like "outh"), Reach (more like "each"), Stop It! (Dop it!), Ellie (Ey), and Andrea ("Dee Dee, rourourou," like a dog, 'cause Andrea has a dog, not because she's ugly).

Anderson wanted to start our game this morning so he said, "OK, the game starts, it's sixty-four o'clock!"  Then, he was scratching his legs so I asked him if they itched.  "Only my cheeky-bums."  After our game, I made him eggs for breakfast and he sang, "Mary had a yellow egg, Mary had a yellow egg, Hi-ho, the derry-o, Marry had a yellow egg."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just a typical Saturday

We had bagels for breakfast yesterday and Carla asked Anderson to take Ellie's plate over to her.  He, of course, didn't hold it steady and one fell off.  He said, "Sorry I dropped your goggle, Ellie."

Then, I took Walker and Ellie to Walker's basketball clinic, while Carla took the younger two to Caroline's first ever haircut.  While we were at Walker's basketball clinic, I asked El if she was going to play basketball when she was old enough.  Her response:  "Well, Dad, I'm not, like, really . . . into throwing things."  While the others were at Caroline's haircut, Anderson spun a barber chair in circles, chased it, yelled, "Get back here you stinkin' chair!", and cracked up at himself.

Then Carla took her 2 to the grocery market, the Y, then for a "washdown" (Anderson's term for a car wash), and I took the older 2 to Walmart, Green Farms, and a washdown.

Then, we came home for lunch, dropped the younger 2 off and took the older 2 ice skating.  As soon as Walker hit the ice, he started trying to sprint, which made him look like a cartoon cat trying to run away from a stack of acme TNT.  The only place he could was down.  Ellie was much more tentative, which means she was able to move a little more on the ice.  I kept telling Walker, "Lazy feet, walker, lazy feet."  It took him a solid hour to get what we were saying.  Carla mainly pushed a kid around the rink while I, not being able to bend over that far and keep my own balance, just held a kid's hand and provided soft landings for them.  By the time we were finishing up, Ellie was getting around pretty well by herself, no hand, no wall.  Walker was doing much much better, but still a little unstable.  He made the most progress, but Ellie's the better skater as of now.  She'll get better still, though, b/c we signed her up for ice skating lessons.  That, to my knowledge, does not involve throwing things.

Then, we went to Brown Bag Burger for supper (at about 3:45) and to Dick's for a new glove, spikes, and bat for Walker.  We got home around 6 and left again at about 7:30 to drop off Caroline at my mom and dad's and took the other 3 to Carla's aunt's for a surprise birthday party for her other aunt.  Someone had made a marshmallow-whipped cream-pudding-fruit mishmash.  When I grimaced when I saw it, Carla's aunt said, "What's the matter, you don't like pineapple?"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

All my Children

Every time Caroline takes something away from someone, she says, "My."  Today she said "Mo' money" plain as day.  And if she ever tells you "Eh-eh" or "Mm-mm," as in no, it actually means, "Yes, definitely."  She enjoys taking out every wipe from a baby wipes container or every sandwich bag from the box.  She likes going upstairs, standing beside Anderson's bed, and saying, "Hi.  Hi.  Hi.  Hi.  Hi.  Hi.  Hi.  Hi.  Hi," while he naps.  I'd have to say that her current favorite hobby, though, is saying "Up, up, up, up," until Carla picks her up, then pointing on the CD player until Carla turns on Josh Turner and dances with her.  As soon as the music comes on, Gracie lays her head on Carla's shoulder 'cause she's terrified of being swung around or dipped or something.  But she still enjoys the dance.  She also loves guns.  I think my one-year-old is cool.

Anderson likes playing soccer in the dining/toy room.  Whenever I score, the conversation goes like this:
Anderson:  Nice shoot, teammate!
Me:  Thanks, teammate.
Anderson:  You don't have to call me teammate.  I have to call you teammate.
Me:  Oh, OK.  Thanks, Anderson.
Anderson:  You don't call me Anderson, either.  You call me nothing.
Me:  Uh, OK.
I kick another goal.
Anderson:  Nice shoot, teammate!
And the whole thing starts again.

Ellie's the most stubborn little girl I've ever met.  She was dead-set against wearing her silver shoes to church today.  She came down with brown boots on, which didn't match at all (surprising for Ellie).
Me:  Well, your silver shoes would match your outfit much better than your brown boots because you have silver on your shirt.
Ellie:  Well, I don't want to wear them because they slip off my feet.
Me:  Well, you could just take them off when you get to Sunday School.
Ellie:  Well, I don't think we're allowed to do that.
Me:  Sure you are, El.
Ellie:  Well, another girl has the same shoes and she wears them every week.  And I think we might get them mixed up if I take mine off.
Me:  OK, then we'll put little 'E's inside your shoes so you won't get them mixed up.
Ellie:  Well, then they would make my tights dirty.
Me:  OK, fine.  What about some black shoes?  Those would match better than brown.
Ellie:  I have some black shoes with silver in them.
Me:  (For the love of God, woman, why didn't you just put them on in the first place?  You could have saved us a solid five minutes of negotiations!  Are you just practicing for when you're a teenager?  Am I going to have to have an arbitrator come in before every date you ever go on!?  Is this a precursor for a future conversation involving tattoos and body piercings? Why does my left arm tingle?)  Sounds good.

Walker is doing great in school, reading and mathing at advanced levels.  He's also still consistently putting on his shirts backwards and not caring about it.  I asked him what 20 - 14 was yesterday and he immediately told me 6 like I was an idiot.  Then Carla and I each told him twice to put on his socks and he sat there and stared at us and didn't process anything we said.  I think as long as he has someone around to dress him, he'll be wildly successful in his future endeavors.

Just for fun, I'll go . . . Packers, 21-17.  One of Pittsburgh's touchdowns will come from a sack/fumble by Polamalu.  It'll either be run right in or it will set them up with a very short field.  Clay Matthews will have an interception.  The Black Eyed Peas will be ignored by me.