Monday, April 23, 2012

Quick weekend update

I picked up a pig (well, pieces of a pig) from the butcher.
We had Kyle and Keely and the girls over for cheeseburgers.
Kyle and Dad and I went to the church to get it ready for the musical.
Kyle and Keely left and then Keely came back and worked on getting ready for Walker's party (see below) with Carla 'till God-knows-when-o'clock.

Walker and I had baseball at 8.
Ellie had choir practice from 10 to 1.
Anderson had ice skating at 1ish and Ellie had to miss.  Thankfully, Lisa was able to take him.
I had a leftover cheeseburger for lunch.
Walker had a birthday party at the bowling alley at 2:30.  He had a giant cheeseburger cake that you probably saw pictures of on Carla's Facebook.  Unfortunately, it tasted nothing like cheeseburgers.  Also, there were 12 very loud 8-year-old boys there in a very small room.  They had fun and I had a headache.
Then we went and got cheeseburgers for supper.
Caroline, well, I kind of lost track of her.  I think she was at Grandma's.

Getting ready for church, Anderson had socks that were the same color but didn't match otherwise.
Me:  Are you sure those are the socks you want to wear?
Anderson:  Heck yeah!  I don't care if they're mitch-matched on the bottom.

Ellie had her musical and did an excellent job on her solo. 
We went to lunch on the way to a going away party for a coworker of mine.  He's going away.
Then we went to the Grandma and Papa's for supper and fun.

Friday, April 20, 2012

More from Caroline

Caroline:  I frowed up on my shirt!
Carla:  What!?
Caroline:  I frowed up on my shirt!
Carla:  When?
Caroline:  Absolutely.
Carla:  No... when?
Caroline:  Sixty-five.

That one's a mystery.  She hadn't even really frowed up on her shirt.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ouch, man

Caroline, indignant at Carla for peeling her banana:  Don't take the wrapper off my banana!

Ellie to Carla, while Walker and Anderson were acting like boys:  Do you think my kids are gonna act like that?
Carla:  Probably
Ellie:  I don't want them to.
Carla:  Yeah, well, I don't want Walker and Anderson to act like that, but they still do.
Ellie:  Do you think I'll do a better job raising them?