Friday, April 30, 2010

75% of our kids are sick

Well, actually Walker's pretty much better now. He went to school but felt lousy in the afternoon so we had to go pick him up. He got a nap in and now he's fine. However, Anderson has whatever Walker had now. It's a high fever and pretty much nothing else. Also, Caroline threw up, which she thought was hilarious.

Let's see, what else? Walker's still doing good in school. He loves math and hates art just like his dad. He's also reading very well (he's on a K out of, umm, Z, I guess, which I think is good for his grade level). Ellie's enjoying pre-school. Her teachers say she's a natural leader, which tells us she's very bossy. She and Anderson really play well together. They both have great imaginations. Her latest thing is singing and dancing along with the girl chipmunks from the squeaquel movie. Oh, and she loves art and hates math. Anderson likes dancing with Ellie, too, and calls it Alvin and the Chcken-munks. He also goes outside sometimes without telling anyone. He also pokes Caroline in the eyes for no apparent reason and still pulls everyone's hair. But he can still be one of the most lovable kids out there. Hopefully it's just a stage he's going through (the ornery part, not the lovable part). At least he still has really good hair. Caroline is finally rolling over (her doctor said sometimes that's a little hard for the "chubbier ones") and she'll stay sitting up for a long time but has no interest in the actual act of sitting up. Basically, if we sit her up, she's just too lazy to fall over. She smiles all the time, almost never cries, puts herself to sleep, and laughs at everything that moves, especially ceiling fans. Best baby ever.

Go Cavs.