Tuesday, April 28, 2009

18 days and 3 flus later . . .

We're back. Ellie, Anderson, then Walker (again, although very mild) have all had the flu since our last post. Fortunately, none of them were of the avian, swine, or super type.

Ellie says you have to be careful with nail polish remover because "it has mosquitoes in it." She meant chemicals.

Anderson says really short sentences now like, "Cookie bye-bye", which means he doesn't want a cookie, "More ball . . . happy", which means he wants the ball back because he's having fun, and "Hi, Turtle", which means "Hi, Turtle."

Walker says things like "I heard it's supposed to rain today, by the way" which basically just means that he's getting a little too old to accidentally say funny things.

Congratulations to Tim and Jen - the latest from Sunday School to add to the future nursery overcrowding problem. Welcome baby Silas.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Birthday blahs

We had Walker's birthday party on Sunday afternoon, which was good for a 2 reasons. First, it was a really nice day so he got to play with his new outside toys, including a remote controlled truck big enough that Anderson can ride. Second, Monday night he woke up with the stomach flu and spent Tuesday (his actual birthday) laying on the couch getting better. At least he was able to play with his new hot wheels, listen to his MP3 player, etc. instead of being totally bored. By the afternoon, he was even playing with his hyper jump game. Tuesday evening, by which time I was feeling pretty miserable, he was even feeling good enough to go to Bob Evan's for supper, which he had been looking forward to for some time. He must have really had his appetite back by then because when we got there, he said, "We should have gone to one of those automatic restaurants like McDonald's or Chic-fil-a where they give you the food right away." And today, Carla feels sick. Hopefully she won't pass it to someone else . . .