Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Caroline says:

Dang-nuts - that means she's disappointed
Mans - I like the Bible story when the two mans wouldn't help the other man but the other man helped him.
Desquicable me
Goed, as in, I goed potty
Mat Nat, which means nap mat, the thing she sleeps on during rest time at preschool.  Actually she rarely sleeps.  She more like bothers the other kids until she gets moved.  But I love it when she says mat nat.

I kind of feel bad that we haven't written about her more but hey, 4th kid, whatcha gonna do?

Also we moved.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Neck sleeve

Anderson, after I asked him to repeat himself a couple times:  Are your ears blind?

Caroline, after getting the collar of her shirt wet at the drinking fountain:  I got water on my neck sleeve!

Caroline, after watching Disney on Ice:  How did Okey Dokey-o's nose grow?

Caroline, handing me my drivers license:  Hey, here's your dad card.

Caroline, asking Carla if she could help clean:  Mommy, can I Windust?

Caroline, asking me about Santa's reindeer:  Daddy, which one's Comet and which one's Cancer?

Caroline, holding three oranges:  I can jungle these oranges.

Caroline, arguing that Barbie was the mom of the other 3 sisters on her Barbie Christmas movie:  Yeah, well, she's the mom-sister.

Caroline, explaining the stations of the cross:  Mans put Jesus on the cross so he could be dead.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Anatomy lesson

So we usually try to watch each triple crown race and the kids always divide up the horses to see which one wins.  Caroline got really into it this year and kept asking which horses were hers and what place they came in.  Fast forward to the presidential election, which Carla and I apparently referred to as a race.  We were discussing it during breakfast the morning after, and Caroline chimed in, "Is Barack Obama my horse?"

I was explaining to her that I'm a man and she's a girl and she said, "No, you're a boy and I'm a girl.  You don't have a hat on.  That means you're not a man."

Caroline:  I love pears.  Pears are my favorite apples.

Caroline, explaining that Uncle Kyle and Aunt Keely's dog sniffs everything:  Murphy smurfed a lot of stuff.

Caroline, grabbing my bare chest and apparently informing me that I need to work pecks a little more:  Your pwivates are wiggwy.  (So please, if Caroline tells you that her daddy's privates are wiggly, know that she's just talking about my moobs.)

And one from Anderson yesterday:  Is today the twenty-oneth?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fuzzy babies

Caroline on how to take care of her baby dolls:  Sometimes when they get a little fuzzy you just pat their back like this and then they don’t get fuzzy anymore.

Caroline:  I really like dream lights.
Me:  Oh yeah?  Maybe you can ask Santa Claus for one for Christmas.
Caroline:  I don’t like him, but I do ask him for presents.

Caroline, when walking into the bathroom:  I’m gonna lock the door so you can’t see my privacy, dad.

Caroline, telling me what she just watched on TV:  Scooby Doo and the Vampirates.

I walked in when everyone was bowing their heads for prayer before a dinner of delicious chicken soup the other night and they were going around the table:
Walker:  Please be with Victor and his mom [Victor is a little boy we’re praying for]
Carla:  Ellie?
Ellie:  Please be with Victor and his mom and help them get the food they need.
Carla:  Anderson?
Anderson:  Please be with Victor and help him get medicine when he’s sick.
Carla:  Caroline?
Caroline:  Mommy, my hair is wet from my soup!

Anderson, randomly:  Why isn’t it Monsday like Tuesday and Wednesday?  It should be Monsday.

We drove by a giant inflatable Brutus at a car dealership and Caroline noticed it.
Caroline:  Dad, it’s Brutus, just like on Anderson’s hat!
Me:  Yep, Brutus the Buckeye.
Caroline, matter-of-fact:  Butt is not a nice word, but we can call him Brutus the Butt Guy.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Earring mittens

So just like Ellie, Caroline got her ears pierced for her 3rd birthday.  I'll let you decide who did better:

Yeah, we're pretty sure that was the same teddy bear so, gross.  Anyway, Caroline refused to cry but she was pretty offended that those girls would do that to her.  As one of the assaulters was putting on her latex gloves, Caroline looked at me and said, "Are those her earring mittens?"

Bs and Ps are still a little tough for her.  She still says "pecause" and she still calls her bath robe a rope.  The other day she also said that she doesn't like ketchup or "bustard".  She does, however, like to eat a "vitium" to stay healthy.

Ellie's starting to rub off on her, too, because she suddenly has a very keen fashion sense.  One night she said, "Dad, that jammy shirt is not a jammy shirt.  It's a clothes shirt."

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bubble Cheeks

Caroline's recap of Bob and Brittani's wedding reception:  Mom, at the weal wecetion, your face was like this (grimaces) and dad's face was like this (smiles) and you had a dress on and dad had a like a fancy shirt on then you were dancing with both hands and people were dancing like crazy and daddy loves you and he likes you and when the dance was over he gave you a big hug.

Caroline:  Mom, does God and Jesus have bubbles on their cheeks like Santa Claus?  You know, those things on their cheeks like when daddy uses his shaver?

Caroline, in the middle of the night after waking up with cold:  I have yucky slobber coming out my nose!

Caroline, after Anderson hit her:  Dad, Anderson hurt me.  He doesn't get Pwigewees!  (She was trying to say privileges).

Caroline, watching me replace the batteries in her camera:  My camera works after you scwoove it with your screwdriver.

Anderson, watching a commercial on TV:  Mom, Stompies come with a sixty day dollar back!

Also, Anderson was a dancing maniac at the wedding reception.  I knew he had energy but I didn't know he had that much!  If we ever get our hands on the video, we'll post it here or on Facebook.  Anderson, Ellie, and Walker all did a really nice job at the ceremony and the reception.  We partied 'till Ellie made a bed for herself out of some chairs and went to sleep, then Walker asked me to take him to the car so he could sleep there while we finished the reception.  Anderson was still dancing, though.  Bob and Brittani did pretty well too.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Status update #@winkyfaceemoticon

Caroline, marching in place:  Mom, Ellie said Left Right Left Right and I go hup two fwee four!
Carla:  Oh, you're marching in place.
Caroline:  No, this is marching in place [marches in place], this is stomping [marches in place], and this is hup two fwee four [marches in place].

I grilled a pineapple yesterday to go with dinner.  Walker walked in and said, "This chicken looks disgusting!"

Caroline was watching me shave this morning and said, "Dad, kids can't touch your sharp thing or it will turn into a shark and bite them like a shark.  Or it will turn into a shark or a snake or a cow."

Also, a while ago she was watching me shave (MY FACE!) and she got "beard" and "whiskers" mixed up and said, "Dad, are you shaving your beavers?"

She's also been potty trained for a while now.  Pretty much did that on her own. She also still says Mangoldoodw for Magnadoodle.

Ellie's losing teeth left and right and becoming a pretty good little piano player.  She can flash a pretty nasty attitude once in a while but she's usually a sweetheart.  Except for when she's being a tattletale, which is a lot.

Anderson's still violent but he's the most generous, selfless kid I've ever known.  He shares or gives away anything without reservation just because he knows it'll make someone happy.  Then he kicks them.  We're thinking of putting him in Tae Kwon Do when soccer's over.

Walker's just doing his thing, playing soccer and baseball and being completely consumed with sports of any kind.  The Olympics was a pretty big event in our house this year.  He's the opposite of Anderson in that he thinks the world revolves around him but he is for the most part a decent human being.