Monday, November 5, 2012

Fuzzy babies

Caroline on how to take care of her baby dolls:  Sometimes when they get a little fuzzy you just pat their back like this and then they don’t get fuzzy anymore.

Caroline:  I really like dream lights.
Me:  Oh yeah?  Maybe you can ask Santa Claus for one for Christmas.
Caroline:  I don’t like him, but I do ask him for presents.

Caroline, when walking into the bathroom:  I’m gonna lock the door so you can’t see my privacy, dad.

Caroline, telling me what she just watched on TV:  Scooby Doo and the Vampirates.

I walked in when everyone was bowing their heads for prayer before a dinner of delicious chicken soup the other night and they were going around the table:
Walker:  Please be with Victor and his mom [Victor is a little boy we’re praying for]
Carla:  Ellie?
Ellie:  Please be with Victor and his mom and help them get the food they need.
Carla:  Anderson?
Anderson:  Please be with Victor and help him get medicine when he’s sick.
Carla:  Caroline?
Caroline:  Mommy, my hair is wet from my soup!

Anderson, randomly:  Why isn’t it Monsday like Tuesday and Wednesday?  It should be Monsday.

We drove by a giant inflatable Brutus at a car dealership and Caroline noticed it.
Caroline:  Dad, it’s Brutus, just like on Anderson’s hat!
Me:  Yep, Brutus the Buckeye.
Caroline, matter-of-fact:  Butt is not a nice word, but we can call him Brutus the Butt Guy.

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