Monday, June 15, 2009

Anderson Speak

Anderson loves Dora. Every morning when he wakes up he says, "Wa-Wa Pack-Pack," which translates to "Watch Back-Pack." We usually have to distract him with breakfast so he doesn't throw a big fit about not getting to watch TV the second he comes downstairs. When he does watch Dora, he is totally entranced, which usually allows me to get a quick shower! Here is his Dora vocabulary. If you're not familiar with the characters from the show, I've included their real names and type of animal. It's very entertaining and cute to to wactch him read all of Ellie's Dora books, too.

"Pack-Pack" - Dora (She carries a purple backpack, so that's what Anderson calls her.)
"Boop" - Boots - monkey
"Coo-coo" - Tico - squirrel
"Pap" - Map (a talking map from Dora's backpack)
"Blah" - Isa - Iguanna (He won't even attemp to say this name correctly!)
"Doh-doh" - Diego - Dora's animal rescuer cousin

Monday, June 8, 2009

Baseball Update

Walker's in his baseball glory days. He gets to play two games a week and, lately, we've been playing a lot at the Lewis house. He's certainly one of the more aggressive boys on the field in pee wee. Or pre-pee wee, actually (underhand coach pitch with aluminum bats and the soft baseballs - better than big bat like I was expecting). Anyway, Carla and I have both had to talk to him about not diving in front of other players to make the play. It's hard to tell him not to be aggressive, though, 'cause I don't want him standing out there letting balls roll by him either.

Last Sunday night in a family game, Walker took pretty wicked line drive off the leg from Aunt Andrea when he was playing 1st base. The next inning she hit another line drive right at him but he caught it for an out - sweet revenge. It basically drilled him in the stomach and he wrapped his arms around it.

Ellie's somewhat less interested in her games, so far as I can tell. She says she's having fun and does like to hit but doesn't pay any attention in the field. She tries to fill the ball up with dirt before throwing it back in - just for fun, I guess.

Anderson's probably just wondering why he has to sit outside in his stroller for an hour 4 nights a week. At least there's always snacks for him.