Thursday, December 29, 2011

The hockey game

I took Walker and Anderson to the Monsters game last night as one of their Christmas presents.  On the way up I asked Anderson if he knew how hockey was played.  He said, "Yeah, you just skate around, and try to get the hockey pickle in the goal."

We had pretty good seats, right by where the Zamboni machines come out, and each of the boys got to take home a puck that the team had used during warm-ups, so that was cool.  Anderson got to give the mascot five a couple of times, too.  Also we got to see one of the Monsters get a hat trick (I think his name was Ogdnezwoloski or something) and the Monsters won, 6-5, in overtime, so pretty good night.  No really good fights, though.  Actually, I'm just making fun of Hockey names.  His real name is Jessiman.  Though their goalie's name is Desjardins.  Now Anderson wants to be a hockey player, which I think would be pretty cool but very expensive, especially with the dental bills and all.

Me:  Caroline, do you like Christmas?
Caroline:  Yeah.
Me:  Do you like singing Christmas songs?
Caroline:  Yeah.
Me:  Do you like getting presents?
Caroline:  Yeah.
Me:  Do you like Santa Claus?
Caroline:  NO!

I asked her where she thought Santa was and she said, "Santa Claus is at the workin' shoppin'."

Favorite presents from this year:
Walker - Sports Illustrated for Kids subscription
Ellie - Art case
Anderson - A mail box
Caroline - A sweeper
Parents - a mini-trip to Chicago and Mainly Stuff the Kids Say, hardback.  Pretty cool, now we can consider ourselves published authors (yeah, that's a stretch). 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mostly Caroline's latest

Anderson:  Broccoli?  What's broccoli?  OH, Broccoligreentrees!

Caroline's current understanding of winter:
There are socks on our fireplace.
She loves "snow boats" (snow globes)
The first thing she said to me the other morning when she woke up:  My eyes are cold.

Also, she brought me some gloves and said, "Dad, here's your lady bugs!"
Me:  Thanks, they're called gloves.
Caroline:  OK, glumps.

File under miscellaneous:
  • 1 - the most goats I've ever seen in the back of an Oldsmobile Silhouette.
  • Political correctness displaces intelligence.  I heard on the radio the other day that a car dealership is giving away a free "Holiday Ham" with a test drive.  You know, so as to not alienate their Muslim and Jewish customers.
  • That reminds me:  We went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch yesterday and they had a Christmas tree in the waiting area.  I said to a co-worker, "A Christmas tree?  They're Mexican."  He bit.