Saturday, August 18, 2012

Status update #@winkyfaceemoticon

Caroline, marching in place:  Mom, Ellie said Left Right Left Right and I go hup two fwee four!
Carla:  Oh, you're marching in place.
Caroline:  No, this is marching in place [marches in place], this is stomping [marches in place], and this is hup two fwee four [marches in place].

I grilled a pineapple yesterday to go with dinner.  Walker walked in and said, "This chicken looks disgusting!"

Caroline was watching me shave this morning and said, "Dad, kids can't touch your sharp thing or it will turn into a shark and bite them like a shark.  Or it will turn into a shark or a snake or a cow."

Also, a while ago she was watching me shave (MY FACE!) and she got "beard" and "whiskers" mixed up and said, "Dad, are you shaving your beavers?"

She's also been potty trained for a while now.  Pretty much did that on her own. She also still says Mangoldoodw for Magnadoodle.

Ellie's losing teeth left and right and becoming a pretty good little piano player.  She can flash a pretty nasty attitude once in a while but she's usually a sweetheart.  Except for when she's being a tattletale, which is a lot.

Anderson's still violent but he's the most generous, selfless kid I've ever known.  He shares or gives away anything without reservation just because he knows it'll make someone happy.  Then he kicks them.  We're thinking of putting him in Tae Kwon Do when soccer's over.

Walker's just doing his thing, playing soccer and baseball and being completely consumed with sports of any kind.  The Olympics was a pretty big event in our house this year.  He's the opposite of Anderson in that he thinks the world revolves around him but he is for the most part a decent human being.