Friday, March 27, 2009

Basketball, decorative towels, and new words

I turned the radio on for Walker the other night when he went to bed so he could listen to the basketball game.
Announcer: . . . sinks the shot. That makes it 62-56 . . .
Walker: Huh, sounds like the third quarter.

First thing when I came home one night this week from work, Ellie met me in the kitchen and showed me the new towels hanging from the handle on the oven. She said, "Daddy, you can't dry your hands on these towels. They're decorations. They're only to look at. I like the flowers and the bees. So don't dry your hands on them. Only look at them." Sigh . . . just like mommy.

Anderson's talking up a storm, now. Ask him if he's happy and he'll either say "Happy" or shake his head and say "hmmm mmm". Ask him what he likes to watch on TV and he'll say "Georgie" (curious george) and his favorite breakfast food is a "nannie" (banana).

Oh, happy birthday, Dad.

Monday, March 23, 2009

No news is old news

I've been notified that, while posting a pregnancy ticker suffices to get the point across that we're expecting another baby, it lacks a satisfactory level of detail. So, here's what we know:
  • The baby's due October 15
  • Carla's starting to feel a little bit better - she seems to be through the worst of the morning sickness - but she's still very tired
  • An early ultrasound (b/c dates were in question) confirms that the baby has a head and a heart
  • By next October ('10), Carla will have been either pregnant or nursing for 6 out of 7 years. She's a trooper.

Walker, right before bed: When was God born?

Me: Well, this is kind of hard to understand but God was never born. He's always been here and he'll always be here.

Walker: Then when did the days start - like Sunday, Monday, Tuesday . . . ?

Me: Oh, I guess God started the days when he made the world, before he even made people.

Walker: Then how old is Adam?

Me: Hmm . . . I don't know, buddy.

Walker: Was he born?

Me: No, God made him out of dirt like you can make things out of play-dough.

Walker: Oh, yeah, I know. And God made Eve out of Adam's . . . shoulder?

Me: Close. He made her out of Adam's rib.

Walker: Does Jesus have any kids?

Me: No.

Walker: Why not?

Me: Because he never got married.

Walker: Why didn't he get married.

Me: Because God sent him here to save us, not to get married and have kids. Now you need to turn off your brain and go to sleep.

Walker, laughing: I can't turn off my brain.

I think he's right.

Ellie's new favorite snack: "Greasy Pieces"

Monday, March 9, 2009

Anderson's a cow

Carla, Walker and Ellie were playing the "states game" the other day where you have to know something about the states to move your game piece around on the board. Ellie's question was, Name three states that start with "New". Ellie's response: "New York, New Jersey, New Vada."

Ellie wanted apple juice at snack time yesterday but she'd already had enough so I told her she could only have water.
Ellie: I don't like water.
Walker: Yeah, well, it's good for your knuckles so you're having it!

Also, if Anderson moos at you, he just wants more food. We taught him how to say "more" but it comes out of his mouth like "moo." Better than him just screaming until he gets more food, though. Oh, if you haven't heard him say cookie, yet, treat yourself to it. It's very cute. Be prepared to actually give him a cookie, though, or he'll be mighty upset.

Ellie and I took him in for his 15 month check up last Friday. He's doing really well, 22.5 lbs and short (I forget exactly how tall, but not very). While we were waiting for the nurse to come back with his shots, Ellie asked me if they were "going to be loud shots", meaning is Anderson going to scream. I told her he'd probably cry for a few minutes and she immediately covered her ears. No nurse in sight or anything.