Monday, May 30, 2011


Ellie was telling Anderson why he should eat his carrots at lunch today-- (b/c they have vitamins and they're good for your eyes).  That must've got her thinking about vitamins because here's what followed:

Mom, did you know they have a body wash that has lots of vitamins that go deep down into your skin.  You know, so it can moisturize your skin!

She might be watching too much TV!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Quick Update

Caroline is now speaking in small sentences:

"DeeDoo, Mama." = Thank, you, Mama.  I'm the cutest toddler ever!
"Wee, sliiiii, bye-bye." = She want to put her shoes on (bye-bye) and go out to play on the slide.
"No, no, Day." = Stop it, Anderson (Day).  You're annoying me.
"Oh, hi, Rah-Rah, J.J." = Hi Walker J.J.  You're my favorite brother!

She also answers questions.
Me:  "Do you want to go see grandma?"
Gracie: "No, pay Dat-Dat, Mo-Mo, Baby Ni-Ni."  =  Forget about grandma.  I just wanna play with my cousins, Jack-Jack, Molly, and Baby Natalie!

She's sweet as ever and just melts my heart - except for when she's covered in snot and slobber from throwing a fit.  Oh, yes, she throws fits and hits now.  It's actually kinda funny, and we all have to try hard not to laugh when she puts on a performance. 

More to come soon on Walker and baseball.  He's playing Hot Stove for the Opening Day Destroyers and loving it!

You can also look forward to funny sayings and stories from Anderson's latest adventure riding on Thomas the Train with Grandma and Aunt Lisa. 

Lastly, Ellie is happy to have passed her second ice-skating class.  She is also eager to go to the next gymnastics class and start taking piano lessons in the fall.  Baseball ranks low on her list right now, but she is still happy to be playing.   She asked me, with tears in her eyes,  if she could keep going to school this summer b/c she will miss it too much.  I love that girl :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ellie and Anderson at their best!

 Ellie loves getting her picture taken.  She's a poser, and she eats it up!  This picture was, of course, by request!
 Here she is doing what she does best . . . singing/performing.  This was her end of the year preschool program.
 This is just Anderson doing what he does best - being imaginative and fun.  He also asked for tape to tape the box shut.  Not really sure how he was planning to do that from the inside, though!
Check out our amazing hats designed by none other than Elizabeth Jane Kandel.  Production was supported by Grandma Kandel.  And yes, we did rise and shine early to watch the big event :)