Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our day in brief, but not in briefs

So far today:
Carla ran at 6:30, got home at 8, and started getting ready for Steph's baby shower.  She's having triplets by the way.  No big deal.
I worked out from 9-11.
I took Ellie to choir at 12.
Carla took Walker to a friend's house at 12:30 so they could take him to soccer @ 2, then went to the baby shower.
I picked up Ellie from choir at 12:40 (80 minutes early) to take her and Anderson to ice skating.
I dropped Ellie off at the baby shower at 2:10 and drove to Walker's soccer game with Anderson.  We of course made our customary post-ice skating stop at DD for coffee and a doughnut for Ander.  He fell asleep in the car for 5 minutes but woke up enough to run around with the other kids at soccer.
After soccer, I took the boys to Cici's for the worst pizza I've ever had.  The kids love it, though, so I was stuck.  We owed it to Anderson and we were right there so I figured I'd get it over with.

So to summarize, Anderson has been to church, ice skating, Dunkin Donuts, soccer, and Cicis.  He wore two pairs of socks and no underwear.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ellie the mechanic and Tom the Leprechaun

Anderson came in the house yesterday yelling, "Something bad is happening out here!"  I ran out because I thought someone was hurt.  It turns out that he was just telling on himself.  Ellie followed him in holding one of my wrenches and said, "Anderson was using your screwdriver on Caroline's bike and he was screwing one of the nozzles on her training wheels and now her training wheel is all loose!"

Carla, to Caroline:  Tell dad what we did.
Caroline:  Dad, what we did!

Carla, to Caroline:  Ask dad how his day at church was.
Caroline:  Dad, how was church at day was?

Every year on St. Patrick's Day, our house gets invaded by a mischievous leprechaun named Tricky Tom.  Every year we try to catch him but he always seems to evade our traps.  We've trapped his pants a couple of times but he apparently doesn't mind leaving them behind as long as he still has his gold.  Well, last night we were devising our trap and we had this little conversation.
Me:  So, what are we going to do with the leprechaun if we actually catch him?
Ellie:  I . . . don't know.
Anderson:  Cut him in half and eat the ham?
All:  . . .
Me, to Anderson:  You don't actually know what a leprechaun is, do you?
Anderson:  Nope.

So later I set up what I thought would be a good trap.  I leaned the vacuum hose against the sweeper so it was right against the switch.  I showed the kids that if we put the bait (our gold) in the right spot, Tom would step on the switch and get sucked into the hose.  I demonstrated with a plush toy that he'd only go a little way into the hose, not get sucked into the canister.  Everyone thought that was a great idea except for Anderson, who started crying really hard because he thought that might hurt him.  I guess cutting him in half would have been OK, though.  In either case, we had to move on to plan B.  Plan B was a simple snare made of fishing line thrown over our dining room light.  We put gold in the middle of the slip knot and tied the other end to the sweeper, which was tipped slightly.  As successfully demonstrated with the same plush doll, when Tom grabbed for the gold, the sweeper would fall over and the knot would tighten around his ankles and pull him into the air, trapping him for us to interrogate in the morning.  (The kids absolutely cracked up when they saw their stuffed Alvin swinging upside down in the air).  Well, once again we came up empty handed, but we are up one pair of leprechaun pants.  He also left some little treats for the kids and once again turned our milk green.

When I was tucking the kids in we were still talking about what to do with Tom if we caught him.
Ellie:  If we catch him, which one of us gets to hold him?
Me:  Umm, I think he'll run away as soon as we cut him down and try to hold him.
Anderson, very deep in thought:  Maybe we should talk to him before we cut him down.  Leprechauns are magic, though.  I . . . don't think they talk very much.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Walker still says funny stuff now and then

Carla, to me, in Walker's presence:  Walker helped me make those hamburgers.  'Cause he knows that a kitchen isn't just for women, right Walker?
Walker shrugs.
Carla, trying to get Walker to remember something they must have rehearsed:  Riiiight, Walker?  And what are you going to do someday when you're married?
Walker:  Watch TV, I guess.
Carla:  In the kitchen.
Walker:  Yeah, we'll have a TV in the kitchen.

Walker:  Oh, look at that flag!  I love the Italy flag.  The Italy flag is definitely my favorite.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Our baphtub needs new battewies

That's what Caroline told me last night before her bath.  Also, as I was chasing her up the stairs on the way to the bathtub, she said, "Don't get me dad.  Be a good boy."  Then she just looked at me for a minute like she couldn't trust me and said, "Be a good boy.  Dad, walk up the steps on your feet like Walker do."

Also she was mad this morning because Anderson wouldn't give her the "toofaste" and last night she yelled at him because he was playing with her "Mangoldoodle".

And Anderson still says "bessert".