Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Loves

Things I love about my kids . . .
-the way he twirls his hair when he sleeps
-when he climbs up on my lap and twirls my hair when we snuggle
- his generosity - he will share absolutely anything if he knows it will make them happy, even if it's last m&m, only quarter, or favorite toy
-his wild and crazy imagination

-the cute way she looks at me when she's about to do something naughty
-when she says she doesn't want to go to bed, then practically leaps out of my arms into her crib with her favorite blankies and snuggies
-when she asks me if I can "up her"
-her love of books

-his internal alarm clock - he's an early bird just like his mom and dad :)
-the sweet-big-brother-way he snuggles with Caroline and reads book to her and the way he tells Anderson how proud he is that he had a good day at preschool or made good choices in Sunday School
-his crazy sarcastic sense of humor and playfulness
-his competitive nature
-his maturity level when it comes to being sensible and realistic

-her exquisite sense of style
-the way she thinks of others and their feelings
-her mad organizational skills
-her gift for music and singing - I'm glad someone in our family got it ;)

There are so many more.  These are just the few I could think of in the last few minutes.  Kurt and I are so blessed by all 4 of them!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snack Scrapple Pop

That's what Ellie thought Rice Crispies say.

Let's see, some stuff about Caroline.
Yesterday she came down in the morning, asked for a juice box, drank it all, then laid face-down on the kitchen floor and fell back to sleep.
She says "sanks" for thanks, "Humpty Humpty" for Humpty Dumpty, "pecause" for because and she likes to eat "ponatoes".
She doesn't like her build-a-bear bunny, Lilly, because it bit her on the leg once, but she loves Dora, Boots and carbohydrates.
Today she was sitting at the table saying, "punch, punch, punch!"  When I asked her what she was doing, she said "I punched my fruit snack."
She's excited about potty training and has been pretty successful so far.
She can still fit in the little cupboard on the bottom of our clock with the door shut.

Walker got his cast off on Thursday.  He's supposed to wear a splint for a while but he's back to normal other than that.

Anderson's been getting in trouble a lot at preschool lately, nothing too major, mostly from playing too rough.

If each team would have added a field goal, I would have hit my Super Bowl prediction dead on and would have made $0.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Maybe he'll invent the quintuple sow cow

Caroline and I saying prayers before bed:
Me:  Tell Jesus something you're thankful for, Gracie.
Caroline:  Jesus is not here.
Me:  Sure he is, he lives right here in your heart.
Caroline:  No, Jesus is not here.  He's in the car maybe.

Walker, as we were pulling into Bryan and Robin's:  Dad. OK.  Is Robin from Panama, or Costa Rica?

Walker, Ellie, and Anderson were playing in the backyard a couple of days ago and they came running in laughing and shouting, "Mom, mom, come quick!  There's a huge fat goose in our yard!"
It was the emu from the crazy farm down the road.

Anderson started ice skating lessons today.  On his way either to being a hockey player or shunned by his family.

Giants 24, Pats 20.