Friday, August 29, 2008


That's what Ellie had for lunch yesterday. She also still says "popstickle," "bistickle," "aminals," and "ife."

Walker: Mommy, is Ohio in the middle?
Carla: Umm, yeah, it's pretty close to being in the middle.
Walker: So . . . it's on the Equarium?
Carla: You mean the Equator? No, Ohio's in the middle of America and the Equator's in the middle of the world.
Walker: So the top of America is cold and the bottom of America is hot and the middle is like Ohio, right?

Ellie walked into the bathroom and grabbed some makeup out of Carla's drawer.
Kurt: Ellie, why do you have makeup?
Ellie: Because I'm so beautiful.
Then she took the powder thing out and smeared it ear to ear, right across her mouth.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Falling rocks and dripping noses

A week or two ago, as soon as I walked in the door after work . . .
Walker: Daddy, there's some sad news about Utah.
Me: What?
Walker: You know that rock that looks like a fish whale? It fell down and split in half.

Ellie's been struggling with allergies or something lately and she's been really stuffy so we haven't been giving her much milk.
Me, after she asked for some: No, milk makes your nose runny.
Ellie: Why does apple juice don't?

And then there's Walker again, who's also had allergies: I don't like Zyrtec. Can you buy the other purple medicine from Walmart?
Carla: No. Dr. Motz said Zyrtec.
Walker: How about that one that sounds like "tin" or "tic"?
Carla: Claritin?
Walker: Yeah. Can you talk to me about Claritin?

And finally, Walker, after watching a commercial on TV: How crazy is this? Something is 7 bucks for kids and 12 bucks for grownups. What's a buck?
Carla: A dollar.
Walker: Oh, so kids are on sale.

Also, I've finally fulfilled my life long dream of batting against a major league pitcher ( Well, sort of. I batted against him in 1999 in a high school game and he didn't throw in the Majors till this year but I still think that makes me a little famous. I'm sure he's telling all his buddies out in the bullpen about how he once pitched to me . . . and about how he was first team all NBC as a sophomore. By the way, I popped out to the third baseman to end the inning but that still means I'm a better matchup to him than Rich Aurillia. And at least he didn't strike me out, Barry Zito.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Told you there'd be lots of pictures

Anderson's first solid food

Us leaving for our trip to the zoo and children's museum.

Walker in the climbing wall. That thing was pretty cool, like a vertical maze.

Ellie in the water works area.

More climbing. I put the camera on the ground to take this one of Ellie. She was about 2 feet in the air.

Fun in a Mini.

A couple pics from the zoo.

And here's us on the way home.

Anderson eating his first piece of toast.

Our trip to the Indians game.

Walker was excited.

Ellie was too . . .

At first . . .
Then not so much.

A couple cool shots of the current Cy Young favorite.

Then we went to an Aeros game. Ellie did much better at this one.

80's Glam Ellie? I really don't know what's going on here.

And the rest are all Anderson being cute.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

There can be miracles

I tried all week to get a chance to post pics but it didn't happen. Here's a couple sayings to get us through the weekend, then pics next week. Lots. I promise.

Carla and Ellie playing grocery store:
Carla: How much does this cost?
Ellie: Umm, three much.
That's one more than too much, I guess.

Walker and I played us a mean game of baseball the other day. Afterwords . . .
Walker: Daddy, my team's name is the Utah Fireworks.
Kurt: Oh, OK, then I'm the San Diego Destroyers.
W: Where's San Diego?
K: In California
W: Hey! That means we're close to each other.
K (amazed at my 4 yr old's geographical aptitude): Wow, yeah, you're right.
W: If Nevada wasn't in the states, we'd be beside each other.

Walker: Daddy, it's a miracle when Anderson eats or drinks his milk or whatever you call it and when he sleeps.
Kurt, finally thinking I'm going to be able to teach my son something: Well, it's not really a miracle when he eats or sleeps because a miracle is something we can't do by ourselves, only with God's help.
Walker: No, it's a miracle when he eats and sleeps.
Kurt: Oh, yeah, I guess so, because that's something we can't do but God helps babies do it.
Walker: Yeah, because we drink from a cup and Anderson drinks from Mommy's belly things.