Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quick Quotes

Anderson was having a snack of vegetables one night this week and he walked over to me with his celery:  Technical Dad, I want peanut butter on these.

Caroline:  Dad, where is Ellie's purple purse are is?

Not sure if I ever wrote this but Caroline says "ayms" for arms and "nighkdown" for nightgown.

Carla tried a new recipe with the kids and they voiced their displeasure before trying it.  After they all finally tried it and liked it, Carla said, "See?  Maybe next time I make something new, you can try it instead of freaking out."
Caroline's reply:  I'm not freakin' out.  I'm freakin' good.
Anderson:  Do you mean like freaking out good or freaking out bad?
Caroline:  No, I'm just freakin' good.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The backup dad

We finally saw some offense when we went up to an Indians game!  12-3, 2 3-run home runs.  The only problem was that it was very hot.  Oh well, the shade eventually found us and made it bearable.  Also, it sure is nice that the Pro has low-carb popcorn, low-carb orange crush, and low-carb lemonade.  And we stopped at Danny Boys on the way home for low-carb deep-dish pizza and low-carb rat pack red.  Then we watched the real fireworks show in the sky with some friends and it never really even rained on us.  And no one threw up, so good day.

Carla explained the idea of a stepfather to Anderson and Ellie because someone on their team has one.  I don't know the kids name.  Let's go with Elmer.  A few days later Carla called Elmer's step-dad his dad and Anderson said, "No, that's not his dad.  That's his backup dad."

Also, we bought brown eggs and when Anderson saw them he said, "Are those chocolate eggs?"

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Puke and Polkanuts

What is it about throwing up that makes me want to update the blog?  It hit Friday night.  I was meeting Carla at the softball game she was subbing in but she had to pull over for Ellie on their way.  Ellie did her thing on the side of the road and I switched vehicles with Carla to take them home.  We had planned on staying to make fun of her a little before took them all home but Ellie changed those plans.  So we got about halfway home and I had to pull over for Walker.  Same deal.  When we got home they both felt a little better but that was short-lived.  They each called Ralph at least 8 more times that night, so much that blood vessels broke in Ellie's face.  Walker was in his bed, woke up, called me frantically, and told me more was coming.  I told him to take the the bucket with him to the bathroom in case he didn't make it.  Well, he grabbed the bucket, ran into the bathroom, set the bucket beside the toilet, and puked in the bucket.  After that Walker and Ellie were like clockwork, every 20 minutes.  They each would run to a bathroom and I just directed traffic, like "NO NO, you're brother's in that one!  Go to the other one!  Hurry!"  Caroline woke up sometime around 10:00 and told me her belly hurt.  I knew what was coming so I took her downstairs and put another bucket beside her.  She tried to use it but was unproductive, "Dad, my frow up won't work."  Well, eventually it worked, but only once, and she hit the bucket like a pro.  Carla had finally gotten home from her softball double-header that had been delayed by a storm for an hour (!) by then, so she took over and I went to bed.  She said things finally settled down by about 2 am.  Saturday, everyone was perfectly fine all day and we thought maybe Anderson and the parents had gotten lucky.  Well, Carla felt lousy for an hour but she was probably more tired than anything else.  After church today we took the little 2 out to lunch and shopping while the big 2 were at gma and gpa's.  After being perfectly fine at church and lunch, Anderson finally started feeling sick at the store.  I took him out to the van and he laid in there until Carla and Caroline came out.  We were on the road for about 90 seconds when I had to pull over for Anderson.  Fortunately, it looks like he had the one-and-done flu like Gracie instead of the twelve times in six hours flu like the other 2.

OK, enough of that, here's some things they've been saying lately.

Caroline, running through the kitchen, stops and laughs:  Haha, I was run-tooting.

Anderson, arguing with me when I told him we were turning Amish so he couldn't watch TV or play WII:  No!  We love God and Jesus!  We're not Amish!

Ellie, just being her inquisitive self:  Mom, why aren't spaghetti noodle tank tops OK to wear to school?

Caroline, showing me something that had dots on it, I forget what:  See, dad?  The one with the Polkanuts on it.

Caroline recently informed us that she doesn't like "Ice Kwispies".

Also we went on two vacations.  Also Steph had three babies.