Thursday, July 23, 2009

So much for the tweets

Well, I thought we'd have wifi . . . we didn't even have cell phone service. I guess we succeeded in getting away. Let's see . . . what did we do . . .
COSI - I believe that stands for the Columbus Science Institute or something. The kids had a good time there. Ellie's favorite part of the whole "veecation" ("I'm really enjoying our veecation, dad") was a little playground inside COSI with a mini house inside with running water and everything. Walker got to pull himself up on a pulley system. He and Ellie raced to the top, about 3.5 feet off the ground.
Columbus Zoo - The highlight there was seeing the baby elephant. The kids had to do a lot of walking there but held up pretty well for the most part. Oh, by the way, no matter what zoo you go to (3 now for us) the penguin exhibit smells awful.
From there to our "cavin" (Ellie, again). Beautiful place but I was a little worried when we showed up b/c there was a cat laying on the porch like it owned the place. I told the owners about the girls' allergies and they took care of it - it's a big place . . . a cat could have an accident and no one would ever know. The next morning we went hiking, or as much as you can hike carrying a 19 month old who just wants DOWN! We went to Concle's hollow, old man's cave, and Cedar falls. All were nice, very short hikes in cool weather. The only problem was that the waterfalls were all dried up. We'll have to go back in the spring. Well, those were the highlights, aside from Carla's birthday surprise this morning (just ask her). I'll post pictures when we get them off the camera. Wait, can you post pictures on this thing?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vacation Tweets - Part 1

I'll try to do this Twitter style. I've never been on twitter or seen a tweet but here's my guess at how they go:

We're leaving on vacation tomorrow. Got a call confirming our reservations for the cabin. Got an email DENYING our reservations. The email won, they double booked. Spent 3 hours looking for a new cabin and finally found one. Haven't started packing yet . . .

To be continued . . .

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wanted: Early 2000's Honda Odyssey

I haven't been posting much lately because I'm using my lunches to research minivans. No luck so far. Let me know if you see an Odyssey around . . .

Carla helping Walker say his prayers: Don't forget to ask Jesus to bring Daddy home safe.
Walker: And please bring Daddy home safe. Amen. . . . Or, maybe he'll just die.
Carla: Walker! Don't say that! Don't you know that that means you'll never see Daddy again?
Walker: Yeah.
Carla: Then don't say that!
Walker, with a dismissive shrug: OK.

Walker praying before bed: And thank you Jesus for making everything. Amen. Well, not everything. Jesus didn't make Kleenexes or boxes, or cars, or beds . . . That would be a really hard job, making Kleenexes - A bunch of guys stuffing cut up paper in a box.

Ellie, showing off her 2-piece swim suit: I'm wearing my Zucchini!

There's a Backyardigan named Pablo. Ellie calls him "Plabo." There's also a Backyardigan named Uniqua. Ellie calls her "Yooneekwa", which is the correct pronunciation, I just think it's a weird name.

Anderson calls Kyle "Kiyoo" (I think) and he calls Keely "Key". Last night we met at their house for dinner and when I walked in Anderson yelled, "Daddy, Key, Kiyoo!" I thought he wanted to show Kyle my keys. Then he walked around and smacked Murphy a lot. Ellie, Walker, and I went fishing for about 30 minutes with zero bites. Usually that's not a big deal but it was pretty rough on them, being kids. It might as well have been 3 hours. Oh, after they were done I fished for 3 hours.

Anderson also calls Andrea "Deedeebobby" or "Bobbydeedee", whatever he feels like at the time.