Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adenoids, tonsils, and tubes. Oh my! Part 1

Well, these were the pre-op pictures.  All smiles, of course.  Post-op we were too busy to take pictures.  Walker got shipped off just as Caroline was returning, and boy was she agitated.  They warned us that most kiddos are fussy for 30-60 minutes after the surgery, but they did not warn us that she would be violently screaming in a way we have never heard our sweet Gracie cry in her life.  They also didn't tell us that we wouldn't be able to console her for 50 minutes until she wore herself out and collapsed on my shoulder.  Aside from feeling sorry for our pitifully confused, aggressive, screaming child, we were humored by her on more than one ocassion.  At one point, she actually kicked Kurt out of the room by screaming in a shrill voice, "No, no Dada.  No, no Dada" over and over again until he left.  Then she cried for him to come back.  She also wagged her little finger in my face, repeating the same thing to me.  We tried everything we could think of from milk, pretzels, cookies, Dora books, and suckers to the bubbles and stuffed animal that the nurse gave us.  Needless to say, it was a long 50 minutes.

After she woke up from her 30 minute nap, she was the same pleasant Gracie that we know and love!  It was like nothing had even happened.  I guess she just needed to get all that yucky anesthesia out of her system.  The doctors and nurses were great, and I can't say enough about Alliance Community Hospital.  We felt very involved, informed, and well-cared for.  There was even a time when her oxygen levels dropped significantly, and they had to page the anesthesiologist while he was getting Walker ready, but he took great care of her and they came right back up without a problem.  We also know that we had lots of people praying for us, and the power of prayer is a mighty thing!

Today, a day and a half later, I am truly amazed at what a rapid and significant difference the tubes have made.  She has been blabbering all day, repeating almost everything I've said and putting together a few short sentences as well.  Here's what I've written down as her brand-new, post-tube words for the day:
How are you?
I'm good.
Come here.
Move back.
Let's go.
Nice ears.

A big, big thank-you to Dr. Kanagy :)

More about Walker tomorrow . . .

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Uncle Bill!

We had a blast celebrating Uncle Bill's bday, 60's style!  The boys wore "Old School" tees with records on them.  Kurt (because he's such a cute nerd), opted to go as Gene Kranz, Flight Director of Apollo 13.  (Steph also said he looked like a TV character from "Mad Men.)  Ellie had a long, hippie-ish dress with braids and wavy hair.  Gracie and I had go-go type dresses.  I think I looked more like a flight attendant, but Caroline sure was cute.  The highlights of the night were Aunt Steph's yummy cakes and Uncle Bill playing the piano for us.  It was a lot of fun!  The last picture is of my sisters, Ellie, and me at the annual princess tea party at The Amish Door.  My mom was there, too.  She was the photographer!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Kurt has been working some crazy hours lately, and today he had to work his regular hours and then come home and sleep so he could go in for third shift.  He was in bed at 7:30, so I told the kids we all had to be super quiet.  I put Caroline to bed and took the boys outside for haircuts.  Ellie stayed in to color.  When I came in an hour later she had put Anderson's orange caution cones up in front of the bedroom door, along with a magnadoodle sign with the word "NO" and pictures of people yelling & noisy toys and a picture of Kurt sleeping.  She was so proud of herself!  Ellie has always had a heart of gold and would do anything to help someone.  I think she'll be a nurse someday :)

In other news of caution, Anderson had an interesting conversation with Kurt last night about a "flang shinger."  "A what?" Kurt said.  "You know, a thing that you brush your mouth off with," replied Anderson.  A.K.A a razor!

Nothing much new.  Walker is in basketball camp this week, baseball camp next week, and tomorrow we find out when he will be getting his tonsils out!